Looking After Each Other

After work, I was driving home and the car was getting too hot. So, when I got home, I went over to my neighbor’s. He is a mechanic. I told him what was happening. He went to his employer’s shop and came back and diagnosed that my fan is not turning. Tomorrow, he will come back with a fan for the car.

It is wonderful to have next door neighbors who are mechanics, and who are so reliable. We are very blessed to have them for neighbors. He also told me that he will not charge me for the labor, which is even more of a blessing. I think what influenced him was that I offered my sister’s bounce house for the next party, and I was not interested in charging him a fee, which he had paid for his daughter’s birthday party this last weekend.

Even more importantly, the more I get to know my neighbors, the more comfortable I feel being able to rely on them, and evidentally they feel they can rely on me. We are building bonds of trust, and I really appreciate that. By working together, we are able take care of each other when dangers occur. We are able to protect our homes, our liberties, our wives, our children, and our faith, just like the Nephites in Alma 43:45.

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