Nonviolence, Self-Defense, And Jesus’ Example Of Love

My friend and I have been continuing our discussion on nonviolence. She said:

We had a self-defense class for safely dealing with dementia and other situations where violence is expected. Remaining calm really helps. But if the person is a criminal instead, situation gets alot more violatile.

I replied:

Yep. For one to have to defend oneself, violence must be inflicted upon that person. Now, in that scripture to which I was referring, the people, the Anti-Nephi-Lehies, opted to be nonviolent, no matter what happened. The reason they did that was because they had killed so many people that they did not want to kill anyone else. They would rather be killed than to kill. They believed that by sacrificing themselves, they would pay the price for the murders that they had committed.

On the other hand, fortunately, most of us do not feel that we are in the position that we need to pay our own lives for the lives which we have destroyed. Although, most of us have become angry, or even hate, at some time, more often than we care to admit. That is where, I believe that, Jesus’ example comes in. He showed us how to love, and love builds relationships.

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