Singing In The Tabernacle Explained

This morning, I was thinking. On Friday night, singing in the tabernacle was a lot of fun; but not as much fun as being able to share my testimony with over 3,000 people. That is what was most fun of all!

As I have explained to several people, the reason that I sing is that I sing for the Church. I sing to share my faith. I do not sing to promote an organization. Yes, the LDS Church is an organization, but it was setup by God, to organize His kingdom. I sing to express my gratitude to God for setting up His church, and to share with others what I know to be true.

I sing to support OCMCO because OCMCO performs sacred music which is meant to be sung in church. OCMCO is not part of the LDS Church. Although, OCMCO totally supports the Church, because it encourages its members to sing in the local Ward and Stake Choirs. OCMCO is totally separate from the Church.

In order for us to sing in the tabernacle, the First Presidency of the LDS Church, which includes a Prophet of God, had to approve what we were singing. As directed by the Lord, the First Presidency supported what we were doing. They knew that we were representing the Lord in what we did. They knew that what we presented was the Word of God sung beautifully and with the Spirit. We were on Temple Square to spread the word that Jesus visited the Americas after His crucifixion and His resurrection.

Now, that is a remarkable accomplishment!

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