The Courage To Share During Peaceful Times

September 11th exposed a lot of hatred to the world. There are people in other parts of the world who teach their children to be terrorists. We do not see it here, but we see it by way of the media.

We see hatred against Americans, and against Christians, much like what is recorded in Alma 21:10-14. In the world, we see extremists training their children to be suicide bombers. There are people being killed just south of our border by the drug cartel, but we do not see it on our streets.

One great benefit of serving Jury Duty, is that I get to see a side of society which I do not normally see. I have been on Jury Duty for a murder case, and also a civil suit. Neither case was very pretty.

So, we are very fortunate to live the lives that we live. Are people as angry around us as they are in other parts of the world? I do not think so, and yet, I still am too afraid to open my mouth. Maybe I do not know what to say. The efforts of the people in the Book of Mormon give me courage.

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