The Law Of Chastity

I have a busy day today, as I prepare to have my family over tomorrow for Father’s Day. We plan to barbecue chicken and ribs. My mom is going to make her famous cole slaw, and Ruth is going to bring over some baked beans.

Today’s reading in the Book of Mormon is very important to me, because it is about the topic of sexual sin (Alma 39). It is a very sensitive topic. Being a Natural Man, I am tempted by it often. It is also so important to the Lord that committing this sin is third in importance. The only sins which are more important are denying one’s testimony of the Holy Ghost, and murder.

Over the years, I have been able to successfully use several methods to keep me from temptation:

  • I remember the love I have for my wife, and I would not want to hurt her by not being true and faithful to the covenants I made with her and the Lord, in the temple;
  • I remember the Lord’s teaching that to lust after woman is to commit adultery in one’s heart (3 Nephi 12:28 and Matt 5:28);
  • Since I am on a mission to share the gospel with others, I know that if I were to go astray, others would not believe what I say. This happened to Alma’s son, Corianton, in Alma 39:11.

I love this chapter in the Book of Mormon, because, for these reasons, it helps me to keep on the straight and narrow path.

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