Groups In Society To Join, And To Avoid

At work, I worked my presentation for the Strategic Partner Conference in September. When I got home, I gave some oranges off of our tree to the neighbors next door. Then, Misty and I watched an episode of “Quantum Leap” on

I am thankful for how I have learned about “Secret Combinations”, by reading the Book of Mormon. Secret Combinations are groups of people who want to rule over the people. They try to rule by using illegal techniques.

There are those in our society who are ignorant of these forces within our society. I have been able to see what these people are doing when I have served on Jury Duty. I have seen a part of society which I do not normally see. I have seen the selfishness, and that untrustworthy part of society. It is a real eye-opener.

I appreciate how the Book of Mormon explains how a group of people tried to take over their society by killing the ruling judges. This is story is told in Helaman 1:1-13. I believe that there are those in our society who want to take away our rights. They twist the truth to make us think that they have been wronged, when actually they want to change the laws for their own selfish interests. They do not want to contribute to society. They want society to cater to them instead.

After reading about Secret Combinations, I know which groups in society to join, which ones to avoid.

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