Hide Treasures Unto The Lord

We were very tired when we got home from work, because we did not get enough sleep Sunday night. So, we watched “Sherlock Holmes”, which was pretty cool.

I am thankful that the Lord has given me all that I have, and that He continues to protect what I have. A couple of times recently, I have misplaced things, and I did not freak-out and worry about getting them back.

Just this last May, I was in Miami, and I misplaced my American Express card. I went to pay for breakfast, and I could not find the card. After paying the bill with my Visa, I went back to my room and looked in a couple places. Then, I looked at my receipts and found that the last place that I had used the card was the restaurant which I just was at. So, I called the restaurant, and I was transferred to Lost and Found, and they had my card. A friend of mine told me that he would not have been so under control if that had happened to him.

About a week and a half ago, I went to church. I had one of my favorite tie clasps on. At one point, I looked down and it was gone. Misty and I looked around and we couldn’t find it. I thought that either it would show up, or I would buy a new one just like it. It really was not worth it to have a tantrum because I lost something which I could replace. I also thought about another tie clasp which I had misplaced before, and I found it in Lost And Found. So, this time, I went through the day. The following day, I found the tie clasp attached to the seat belt of my car.

I am reminded of all of these events after reading Helaman 13:19, which says to hide up our treasures unto the Lord. Now, I am not perfect at doing this, but I do know that if I hide my treasures unto the Lord, then they will be protected, and I will be able to use them.

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