Knowing What Is On Another’s Mind

Today, at work, my partner and I met with our boss to talk about our presentation at the O’Neil Software Strategic Partner Conference in September. Our presentation is on “Making RSMobile Pay For Itself”. It is coming along very well, and our boss wants us to share what we have done with the rest of the department next Thursday, at our Weekly Help Desk Meeting. What an honor.

What a gift it would be to know what happened in a certain situation, even though I was not there when it happened. Also, to be able to predict what another will say in response to being confronted with a question, to be another’s mind with such accuracy, just like in Helaman 9. The person who would have this gift must really be in tune with the will of God, which I am only learning how to understand.

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  1. […] I wrote about the first point the last time I read Helaman 9, which was on July 21, 2011, (Knowing What Is On Another’s Mind). I have written about the second point several times […]

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