Not A Respecter Of Persons

This evening, for Family Home Evening, we watched “500 Days of Summer”. It is a funny, and unusual, story. We enjoyed it. We also saw it in the movie theater when it came out.

Recently, Governor Brown signed a bill in which gay history must also be included in the teaching of our children. Is this really necessary? I definitely do not want to take someone out of the history books because of their sexual preference; but is it worth spending tax payer money on such legislation? I am sure that there are more important areas of our state budget which could use that money.

I really see this type as legislation as one group, the LGBT community, thinking that they have been harrassed and put down, and that they need ‘special’ attention. So, who suffers? Those areas of our government which could use that money suffer, and our state government is really suffering. It is in debt, and I do not see how this type of legislation improves the status of our state budget.

I was reminded about this struggle in our state government when I read this evening about those who put their minds on riches (Helaman 6:17) to put themselves above others, and I think that is exactly what the LGBT community is doing. They want preferential treatment. Instead, they should think about healing the sick, clothing the naked, and feeding the poor. That will improve society, not giving one’s own interest group preferential treatment. Giving one’s own interest group preferential treatment is defined as iniquity, and the Lord abhors iniquity. The Lord is not a respecter of persons.

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