Remember The Lord Always

We went to the Ward Fourth Of July Pancake Breakfast, which was held at Pavion Park. It was fun. I had blueberry pancakes, sausage, cantelope, strawberries, and orange juice. It was good to get to know my fellow ward members more, on a more social basis.

It is during trials and conflicts that many people finally remember the Lord. As a matter of fact, it says in Alma 55:31, “the Nephites were not slow to remember the Lord their God in this their time of affliction.” The Nephites were very angry for having been put into this situation: this conflict. Now, they start relying on the Lord to lead them out of the trouble into which they got themselves.

I find myself also forgetting the Lord when all things are going well. We all have that natural tendency. That is why I need to constantly read my scriptures, pray, and attend church. I need to constantly remind myself, and to learn new ways, how to keep out of bad situations.

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