Seeing Good Friends & Thankfulness For Being Forgiven

Started off the day with a 5K Walk at 8 AM, to celebrate Pioneer Day with the Mission Viejo Stake. All of today’s festivities were based at the Norman P. Murray Center. We completed the course in about an hour. Then, we came back home and slept for a couple of hours. We returned to the celebration at about 3:45 PM and had hamburgers, chips, root beer, and pie. The band, “The One Gig A Year Band” played, and of course they rocked. I danced with Misty when they played “Can I have this dance for the rest of my life”. I helped cook and clean up. It was great to see a lot of people! Afterwards, I found some very close friends. It was wonderful meeting with them. We sat and talked with them, and some new friends for a little more than an hour. It was a lot of fun sharing what we have been doing.

The Lord keeps forgiving me, just like He forgave the people in Helaman 11. I wish I could just remember to follow the Spirit more often.

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