Teaching Myself To Repent

For Date Night, we went to Wahoo’s. I like their fish tacos. They always deliver great fish tacos, white rice, and black beans. Misty had a quesadilla, and chips and salsa. After that, we went next door to Golden Spoon and brought home frozen yogurt. Mine was a small cup of strawberry and some other kind of berry. When we got home, we had Family Scripture Study, and then I went to Amazon Instant Video, and we rented ‘Tron: Legacy’ in HD. It was really cool to see, especially using our new TV for what it’s designed to do.

In Helaman 10, Nephi is given the power to declare what God will do, because he was trusted by God that he would only say, and do, that which God wanted him to say and to do. What a man of immense self-control! He then goes about telling people to repent.

I thought about how that relates to what I should do. Should I tell people to repent? I don’t think so. I think I should be the one who should be repenting. I have a lot of work to do on myself. So, in effect, what Nephi teaches to others, he is also teaching to me.

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