Building The Kingdom Through Industry

This evening, I went out and visited some friends. We had a very nice discussion with them about missionary work. More specifically, we talked about just getting to know people and letting them know that we care about them. That is how people will be interested in what we are doing. We talked about performing service, and just getting out of our houses to be friendly with our neighbors, and our fellow ward members. We are just trying to build the kingdom by helping others. It was a very inspiring visit.

Due to the efforts of others, we have a lot for which to be thankful. The industry of others allows me to have a computer, a car, a house, and many other conveniences. Their efforts have helped build the kingdom. I have not always been so industrious, but I have repented, just like those in Ether 7:23-26. As a result, I have not been destroyed, when I could have been, and I am much happier.

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