Richly Blessed By The Power Of The Holy Ghost!

I went out home teaching with a friend. We visited a family to whom he is assigned; and then we visited someone to whom I am assigned.

It was wonderful night, because I have not been able to visit with my assigned friend since I first met him about six months ago. We were there at the right time. Perseverance paid off. We visited with him for about an hour, and had a wonderful discussion. It was really neat. Testimonies were strengthened, and the Spirit was so very strong! So, we preached, and prayed, and exhorted, by the power of the Holy Ghost, just as it is written (Moroni 6:9).

I believe that the Lord’s Spirit was there with us as we performed our duties. I felt it. We were caught doing that which was good, and we were richly rewarded.

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