The Absence And The Restoration Of The Spirit

After work, we went to get our haircuts. Then, we picked up some food at In-N-Out. We both had hamburgers. Misty’s was without tomato, which she dislikes. They both had no salt, pickles, onions, lettuce, and sauce. We also each ordered French Fries with no salt, and Chocolate-Strawberry Milk Shakes. We ate them at home while we watched an episode of ‘Quantum Leap’.

I have felt when I left the Spirit, like those in Ether 15:19, and it was not pleasant. I felt badly, and guilty, because I knew better. I had been taught the right thing to do, and I had not followed it. I succumbed to temptation; but later, I repented.

I felt the redeeming power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I felt the weight of guilt lift from my shoulders, and I felt the Spirit again; which can only occur through the power of someone who has never sinned. For, I was unclean, and I did not deserve the presence of the Holy Ghost; but through His grace, I was spiritually washed clean, and I was allowed the companionship of Deity once again.

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