Welfare, Taxes, And Secret Combinations

Is government supposed to give away money to the poor, without teaching these citizens how to get a job? At the same time, is the government supposed to overspend its budget and incur debt, and then charge its citizens for paying off that debt? To me, these practices seem to be just plain wrong.

There was a time in which I did not have a job, and the government payed to have me trained for my current job. What happened to programs like that? They have received criticism that they are ineffective. True, there are those who receive training, and still are not able to get a job.

I took that course because I wanted to get a job in that field, and I had an aptitude to do the job. From what I saw, there were at least a few people in my class who did not have the aptitude for the job. That is where government has failed. They do not test whether their solutions will work. It seems that this proposed solution seems to need to be thought out more thoroughly.

On the other hand, taxing citizens for irresponsible overspending seems to be grounds for termination. We seem to be imprisoned by our own representatives, in that we have to pay our taxes, and we are paying for something for which we are not responsible.

Is the requirement to pay taxes an effort to control citizens? I tend to think so. Control means power. Power corrupts, and takes away our freedom, just like a secret combination (Ether 8:22); and just as it says in this verse of scripture, we need to do away with these practices, or we will be destroyed.

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