Blessed By The Missionaries And The Perfection Of The Book Of Mormon

I spent the morning completing some long awaited projects. Ever since we bought our lovely home a year ago, I have been wanting to trim back the bushes in our front yard; and for the last six months, I have wanted to finish screwing down the threshold in the garage.

Well, today, the missionaries, Elder Swenson and Elder Giles, came over to answer my prayers. They came over with a gas powered chainsaw and Elder Giles trimmed my bushes. I had an electric chainsaw, but it was not nearly as effective as this high-powered chainsaw. That tool cut through the bushes like a hot knife through butter! While he was doing that Elder Swenson screwed down my threshold into the concrete garage floor. What patience and a steady hand he has! After that, they cleaned out our gutter. Elder Swenson even got on our roof and swept it off! Our front yard looks so much cleaner now!

Our missionaries rock! They are so service-minded. They commit to spending two years to helping others, and they even pay for the expense to go out on a mission! I learned that they have to complete at least one service project each week, and I was chosen to be the recipient of this week’s first service project by them. We were really blessed. I would refer anyone reading this post to our missionaries, because they love service projects!

We fed them lunch. We barbecued hamburgers and had freshly squeezed orange juice. Then, we shared videos in which we had been. Elder Giles was a percussionist in his high school band, and someone shot a video of him playing, and acting in some short movies. I shared the video of me performing with OCMCO.

After the missionaries left, we went to Knott’s Berry Farm, where we met with my family. We rode on some rides and then finished our time there by eating dinner at the chicken restaurant. The meal was delicious.

Then we went over to my sisters house, watched some television, and brought my niece, Erica, back home with us. She is sleeping overnight tonight.

I am convinced that the Lord has done many things for my forefathers. I have read the scriptures, and I believe that they accurately report what God has done for them. The Holy Ghost has born witness to me that these records are true.

I know that the Lord has promised me many blessings, if I obey His commandments. I now know about these covenants because I have read about them in the scriptures. I have felt the Holy Ghost bless me as I remain true and faithful to the covenants which I have made; and I have felt myself depart from His presence.

I also know that Jesus is the Christ. I have read His words, and I believe them. I have felt the power of the Atonement, as I repent and am forgiven of my sins, and then I can return into the presence of the Holy Ghost. Without His Atonement, I would not be able to return into the presence of the Holy Ghost, because I would not be forgiven; and no unclean thing can dwell in the presence of diety.

The beginning of me knowing that these principles are true – that the Lord has helped my forefathers, that I can make covenants with the Lord, and that Jesus is the Christ – started by reading the Book of Mormon. After reading this sacred text, I was lead to understand what was written in the Bible, and to understand modern day revelation.

The purpose of the Book of Mormon is explain these principles. Therefore, for me, the Book of Mormon has succeeded in accomplishing the purpose for which it was designed; and the Holy Ghost has born witness to me that the Book of Mormon is the most perfect book ever written.

Here is what I previously wrote when I read the Cover Page of the Book of Mormon:  This Is Why I Write About The Book Of Mormon

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