Truth Overcomes All!

Some friends came over and Misty took portraits of them for her photography class. After that, Misty and I went to Wahoos! for dinner.

I am convinced that the church of the devil is materialistic. It is not any particular religion, because to seek to learn about, and to try to obey, God is not what Satan supports. Each religious person has an understanding of what is God, no matter how He is named. Satan fights against all that is good. He tries to distract and frustrate God’s plan. The fact that religions still exist indicates the power of truth to overcome all obstacles, and have longevity, in spite of truth sometimes having been taken from the earth. This confusion is being clarified today by modern advances in information sharing. Oh, what a wonderful day in which to live! When we can converse over most of the earth, over the Internet. The gathering is taking place!

This is what I wrote previously after reading 1 Nephi 14:  Receiving The Lord’s Eternal Rewards

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