Conducted Elders Quorum

I sang with the Ward Choir during Sacrament Meeting. In Elders Quorum, I conducted the meeting. I shared some ideas that had come to me.

As I understand it, it is during the third hour of church that the ‘nuts and bolts’ come together for the Ward. This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’, where things get done. For the Elders Quorum in particular, we have a class, a brotherhood, and a service organization. We do very well as a class. We have great instructors. The other two areas probably need some work.

As a brotherhood, we are very friendly toward each other, but we do not hang out together. Groups of people hang out, but we have not had many activities for the Elders Quorum as a whole. A few months ago, there was an ice hockey activity, and a lot of guys had a lot of fun there; and we need more activities, so we can have more fun together; and have that ‘male bonding’ experience.

As a service organization, we home teach, and the performance in that area could be improved upon; but service in the church is three-fold: perfecting the saints; proclaiming the gospel; and redeeming the dead. Home teaching falls under perfecting the saints. With respect to proclaiming the gospel, I suggested arranging for the Elders to go on splits with the missionaries. With respect to redeeming the dead, I asked why the Ward does not have a Monthly Ward Temple Night?

I hope that these ideas inspire the Elders Quorum so that can work on some goals together.

After church, I practiced with the Ward Choir, and then with the Stake Choir. Between practices, I drove the missionaries to their dinner appointment. When I finally returned home, Misty had a nice dinner almost ready, and then we looked at the list of recipients of our Annual Christmas Newsletter.

I just read 2 Nephi 17, and I am thankful for the birth of my Savior.

This is what I wrote previously after reading 2 Nephi 17:  An Appreciation For Miracles

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