Happy Veterans Day! Also, Happy 11/11/11 (The Day Of Ones)!

After a day of work, Misty and I watched a couple of Shirley Temple movies: Curly Top; and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Then, Misty went to bed, and I looked at what free movies and shows were on the Internet, because I was curious; and the Spirit of the Lord, which has taught me righteous principles, kept me safe from viewing that which I should not. While I was doing that, while on Windows Media Center, I played a few games of Chess, against the computer. I tied one game and lost the rest.

I learned something during my Personal Scripture Study. I learned that the rock from which I am hewn is referring to my ancesters: Abraham and Sarah; as in Isaiah 51:1 and 2 Nephi 8:1.

“Hearken unto me, ye that follow after righteousness. Look unto the rock from whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit from whence ye are digged.”

So, what is the pit? Is it sin, and that we are digged from the pit through the Atonement? It might be.

Actually, I researched further, and I found that the hole of the pit is just a further description of hewning the rock, or being born from Sarah.

This is what I wrote previously after reading 2 Nephi 8:  Comforted By Revelations To Isaiah

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