Looked After By The Lord

We had a nice Family Home Evening. We watched Witney L. Clayton’s October 2011 General Conference talk called “The Time Shall Come”. Then, we played Up Words, and watched an episode of Quantum Leap. (It took us a while to get the video, because Cox’s transmission was not the best. We had to reboot the whole system.)

At this time, I remember in whom I have trusted, at times. I remember that when I was a member of a scripture study fellowship, a friend of mine was concerned about me, and I told her that God would look out for me, and He did. He led me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Just like He led Nephi in 2 Nephi 4:19-20.

Through the the scripture study fellowship, I became acquainted with the LDS Missionaries. I was their landlord. You see, another person who was also attending meetings conducted by this scripture study fellowship needed a landlord for her small, 14 unit, apartment complex. I volunteered, and just so happened to be right next door to the missionaries. They eventually came over and asked me if I wanted to read the scriptures with them. I did, and I eventually was baptized into the LDS Church. The Lord was truly looking out for me after all.

This is what I wrote previously after reading 2 Nephi 4:  I Thank God

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