Put Up The Outdoor Christmas Lights!

We set the alarm to wake up in the morning, and we made it to clean the chapel at 8 AM. After that, we went to The Home Depot to pick out lights for decorating our house for Christmas. The Missionaries later came over and helped us. The outside looks great! Last year, we kind of just threw some lights together which we had used at our previous residences, but they really did not work for our new home. Now, we are able to really move ahead and do some decorating!

While reading The Book of Mormon, I have to remind myself that the purposes of The Book of Mormon is to:
1. Show that God has blessed our forefathers;
2. Restore the covenants which were made with our forefathers;
3. Prove that Jesus is the Christ.

Otherwise, by reading The Book of Mormon, chapter by chapter, I am apt to get lost in each chapter, and forget the book’s main objectives; thereby not being able ‘to see the forest for the trees.’

Isaiah 13 describes the destruction which will occur during the Lord’s Second Coming. 2 Nephi 23 quotes Isaiah’s prophecy, and includes “For I will destroy her speedily; yea, for I will be merciful unto my people, but the wicked shall perish.” (2 Nephi 23:22) I did some research on why this phrase might be included in the Book of Mormon, and not be in the King James Bible. It seems that one theory is that the scribes might not have included this phrase because the next chapter of Isaiah goes on in explaining how the Lord will rescued Israel; so the point would not need to be made, according to the scribe’s opinion.

I am grateful for the inclusion of this thought, in this chapter, because it emphasizes the saving grace of my Lord and Savior. The Lord covenants with Israel that He will rescue His disciples. In the Book of Mormon, I am reminded of this covenant, which satisfies one of the purposes of the Book of Mormon.

This is what I wrote previously after reading 2 Nephi 23:  Babylon’s Fall During Jesus’ Reign

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