The Christmas Movies Begin!

After work, in the evening, we had Papa John’s pizza: half plain cheese and the other half with the Works. It was good. We do not usually finish the whole pizza. We ate the whole pizza while we watched ‘Elf’. The Christmas movies begin!

The last time I read 2 Nephi 15, I commented how I should not offend God, thereby offending the Spirit. I still think that that is important; but recently, I think that I have stepped up a notch. Now, I find that it is more important that I am motivated by my love for God, just as He loves me.

The distinction is that I am now not so much motivated by the fear of God, or the fear of punishment, which is to lose the presence of the Spirit. I am now more motivated by my love for God, which is more powerful than fear can ever be.

I just did some studying of what the love of God means. It is charity, and the desire to want the best for others. God loves me because He wants the best for me; and in return, I love Him by trying to be a tool in His hand in building His kingdom, which is Zion.

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