The Priesthood

This evening, we went to get our haircuts. Then, we stopped off at In-N-Out for burgers, fries, and strawberry-chocolate shakes, and came home, and ate them while watching ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘CSI Los Angeles’.

I was recently called by the Lord and consecrated to be the Second Counselor in the Elders Quorum. I tried to explain the priesthood to some friends. I have been ordained an Elder, and the Holy Order of the Melchizedec Priesthood has been conferred upon me, just like Jacob (2 Nephi 6:2). They also know that I am a Priest; and I explained that there are High Priests, but we all are protected by the same priesthood power.

I am grateful for this power, because it is the power of God here upon this earth; and I will be protected as long as I am true and faithful to the covenants which I have made with the Lord. When I do this, He is obliged to bless me, which He does more than I can even acknowledge.

This is what I previously wrote after I read 2 Nephi 6:  The Gathering Of Israel

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