Come Unto Christ

I was reading about persuading others to come unto Christ, and partake of the goodness of God, that they might enter into His rest (Jacob 1:7). I find it interesting that I read “to come unto Christ”. For me, this is an invitation. Jesus wants us to come unto Him. He invites us to be one with Him. He is the truth and the light, and we are to go to Him. There, we will find goodness and rest. I know that that is true, for I have felt it. I have felt the peace of conscience which occurs when I follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I have felt soothed and comforted by His power after I have felt adversity. He has taken my yoke from around my shoulders and taken it upon Himself, relieving me of my burdens, so that I may be happier; and this has all been made possible due to His Atonement.

This is what I wrote previously after reading Jacob 1:  Enjoyed General Conference

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