Turning To The Lord For Deliverance

After I came home, Misty and I each had a Cup of Noodles. Then, we had Family Scripture Study, and laid down for a nap. Apparently, we were pretty tired. Instead of taking a nap, we could have watched a movie, or some of our favorite shows; but I did not think that it was the best way for me to spend my time.

My forefathers spent a lot of time building so that I could have what I have today. Now, my world is heavily automated. So, it is easy to just sit back and relax, daily, while life passes me by. I need to be like my forefathers, and continue building what they started, to make it easier for those around me, and for those who come after me.

It is easy to sit around and party, like wicked King Noah in Mosiah 11; but I would like to be more like Abinadi, who turned to the Lord for deliverance from an iniquitous path (Mosiah 11:23), and who inspired Alma (Mosiah 17:2), who later becomes a great leader in the Book of Mormon.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Mosiah 11:  Battling Complacency

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