The Lord Inspired Us Tonight!

A friend and I went out on visits. We saw a couple of people. It was a very nice night. One person was not LDS and is about to be foreclosed on. Another just started coming back to church. We had a very nice visit with both of these people.

We had the exquisite opportunity to give one of them a blessing. He has such a sweet spirit, and he needed help losing weight. I felt very inspired while giving the blessing. I know that it came from the Lord.

I know that the Lord does hear our cries, as it is explained in Alma 2:28. I am thankful that He has answered my prayers, and that I am healthy. Although, I too need to lose 50 pounds. My friend wants to go out walking, so we may go out walking together soon.

I love going out visiting the people for another reason. It gave us a chance to talk about opportunities to grow the kingdom, and establish Zion, while we are talking with our brethren. It is a very unique opportunity to really be in touch with the Spirit, and plan what we need to do.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Alma 2:  Returned From Miami

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