God Helps To Fight Government Corruption

After work, Misty and I had a very nice, and productive, evening. We finished folding the laundry together. Then, we went on a walk along the Oso Creek Trail near our home. We had a nice time. After that, we came home and cooked some chili with cheese and ate it, and then worked on our taxes.

It was a nice time, because we worked together to get some important things done. We are trying to lose weight, and our health is more important than anything else we can think of, outside of defending truth and righteousness; although, to best defend truth and righteousness, we still need our health. The other things also needed to be done, and we went to bed happy that we were able to do them together.

Misty has been in the practice of doing her journal in the morning, so I am trying to see if that time will also work with me. Up to now, I have been doing it in the evening, but Misty wanted us to go to bed at the same time. So, we’ll see what happens by me changing to writing in the morning.

There seem to be at least a couple of central points addressed in Helaman 9: one is the faith necessary to prophesy what another person is thinking; and the other is how Satan tempts people to form secret combinations to overpower the government. I wrote about the first point the last time I read Helaman 9, which was on July 21, 2011, (Knowing What Is On Another’s Mind). I have written about the second point several times before.

It is interesting how we can get used to government corruption, and then our government eventually gets overthrown. Just a few days ago, words between our United States President, Barack Obama, and the President of Russia were caught on an open microphone. That conversation was about a secret pact that they were making to reduce our strategic missiles. Now, our President is trying to cover for himself. There are those defend the President for his actions, and there are those who criticize him.

I have been told that Russia is a very corrupt government.  Officials are often bribed.  We have similar problems in the United States, but we also have the ability to stand up against this type of unethical activity.  I feel cautious about making agreements with Russia.  They make agreements with those who would want to attack us.  I am concerned that we could lower our defenses to such an extent that we would leave ourselves open to attack.

Thank God for our form of government, where we have high standards.  Thank God for the gift to know what is on another mind; and thank God for our faith, that we know that He will help us to defend our freedoms.

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