I Love Our Temple!

In the morning, I went to the doctor to have some skin lesions looked at. Dr. Kranitz took a look at them and sprayed some liquid nitrogen on them. These blemishes should go away.

After work, we went to the temple. It was so nice to be in the house of the Lord. I love our temple, for many reasons:

1. It is a sanctuary. It is a place where I can find peace.

2. It is a place to join with friends. It is wonderful that the temple is so close to home. That evening, there were several people there that we knew. This time, afterwards, we ate with some friends at Café Rio. It was neat to get together with them again.

3. It is a place where I can pray for inspiration. The Spirit of the Lord is there, for guidance and direction.

4. The temple is a model of the Spirit that I want in my own home. The love that I feel in the temple is an example of the love that I want to feel in my own home. When we go there, we are served like we are royalty, and it is this kind of service, this example, that I want to emulate in my own home. I want to feel that peace in my own home. I want my home to be a place where family and friends feel welcome. I want to be inspired in my own home, just like I am inspired in the temple.

5. So, it follows that the temple is a place of learning, where I can learn to be like God, and serve others, in the same way that I have been blessed by Him.

6. Another very important reason that I love our temple is that it is where I can appreciate my family. It is where Misty and I were married, and by going to the temple, we can be reminded of the wonderful blessings that we can receive, as we work together. The temple is also a place where I can perform sacred ordinances for my family who have passed on. As a result of performing this sacred work, I can also feel inspired to learn more about my family, my ancestors who came before me, and draw closer to them, because I have loved them.

During my scripture reading, I read about people who used wickedness to gain power. The whole of Alma Chapter 47 explained this. At the end, it said:

“Now these dissenters, having the same instruction and the same information of the Nephites, yea having been instructed in the same knowledge of the Lord, nevertheless, it is strange to relate, not long after their dissensions they became more hardened and impenitent, and more wild, wicked and ferocious than the Lamanites – drinking in with the traditions of the Lamanites; giving way to indolence, and all manner of lasciviousness; yea, entirely forgetting the Lord their God.” (Alma 47:36)

Those are not the people I want to emulate. It is interesting that those people are described in the Book of Mormon, for so much is written about righteous people. The practices of righteous people need to be compared with the practices of the wicked, so I can know the difference between them.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Alma 47:  Apply The Knowledge Of The Lord

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