Remembering What Is Truly Important

Last night, I went to the OCMCO rehearsal, which was at the Segerstrom Concert Hall; so there was no Vocal Workshop last night. The main purpose for being there was to go through how we were going to come on stage.

Only three more rehearsals until the performance, and then I will be through with OCMCO. I do think about that often, mainly because OCMCO sends me emails that remind me of them; but it is just an organization, and it is so much work, and we perform so infrequently.

That’s why I like the Ward Choir, because at least they perform almost monthly. If the Ward Choir performed two hours every week, instead of just one hour, it would sound pretty good. It already does, but it would sound fabulous too! Furthermore, then I bet more people would feel inspired to come and join us. I love our Ward Choir, which is designed for the purpose of bringing people to appreciate the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Helaman 11 is all about forgiveness. I believe that the Lord, my Elder Brother Jesus Christ, loves us so very much, and He really wants to be with us, if we will be faithful to Him, and His Word. If we will just remember Him throughout our lives, appreciate what He has done for us, and share what we know to be true with others. When I turn away from Him, then my relationship with Him becomes distant. He knows that I can do better. He encourages me, through promptings of the Holy Ghost, which is a wonderful gift. I just need to remember Him.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Helaman 11:  Seeing Good Friends & Thankfulness For Being Forgiven

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