The Importance Of Enduring To The End

For Date Night, we went to the Olive Garden. We had a good time just talking. After we ate, instead of leaving after we finished eating, we just sat and talked. It was nice just to relax. The service at the Olive Garden is very good. They keep filling your drink even after you have paid the check. Ultimately, of course, we did leave, and we came home and watched an episode each of ‘Quantum Leap’ and ‘Knight Rider’.

I just read Alma 54, which is a record of messages exchanged between competing armies: those Nephites lead by Moroni; and those Lamanites lead by Ammoron. Earlier in the Book of Alma, we learn the Moroni is very faithful. Even in the message that he sends to Ammoron, he states that he only wants to defend himself; which makes sense, since earlier we read that he is defending his liberty.

While I was thinking about this chapter, I thought about, how does this chapter strengthen my faith in Christ? As I have stated before, I do see my need to defend myself against Satan; and just like Moroni, I need to endure to the end.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Alma 54:  Without Faith Conflicts Occur

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