The Scriptures’ Purposes Clarified By Revealing Satan’s Temptations

I have often thought, and wondered, about some parts of the scriptures that do not mention the Savior at all. The reason is that the scriptures have been written to accomplish certain goals, or purposes. (I wrote about these purposes on December 6, 2011.) It has been revealed to me that since there is opposition in all things that, in order to clarify these purposes, they need to be compared with the goals of the opposition, or the adversary; otherwise known as Satan. So, in those parts of the scriptures in which the Lord is not mentioned, or His blessings are not recorded, there often is a reference to the effects of following Satan’s temptations.

For example, Helaman 6 talks about the effects of following the adversary. In that chapter, the government was overthrown by criminals, the Gadianton robbers, because of corruption in the government. This would not have happened if they were more faithful.

Therefore, the scriptures serve their purpose by showing what happens if people do not follow the Savior; and I am thankful for them, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Helaman 6:  Not A Respecter Of Persons

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