The Virtues Of Keeping God’s Commandments

While Misty went to her Relief Society Conference, I took a 3½ mile walk around the block, went shopping for groceries, and cleaned Curly’s cage. After Misty got home, we went to her Turner Syndrome Board Meeting at Mimi’s in Orange.

Then, we went to Disneyland, where we people-watched. Misty had an assignment in her photography class. She had received a really nice 300 mm telephoto lens that was loaned to her from school, and she was supposed to ‘spy’ on people, and take pictures of people in ‘weird’ positions. We had a lot of fun taking pictures of people. We did not go on any rides. It was pretty educational, and a different reason to go to Disneyland, from a totally different perspective.

After we got home, we watched the first two episodes of ‘Magnum P.I.’.

A very important reason that I have become so successful, is that I have been taught and I adhere to righteous principles. Now, I am not perfect in following these principles, but I can testify that inasmuch as I have followed those principles, I have been successful in achieving that which I wanted to achieve, if it is according to the Lord’s will. Therefore, I attribute my success to receiving the Lord’s blessings.

I confess that I have not always done the Lord’s will. I have sinned; but it is because of the Lord’s Atonement that I have been able to be forgiven for my sins; because I have repented of my sins, and the Lord has paid the price for my sins. Therefore, the Lord blesses me for following the path, again. I thank the Lord for all that He has done for me.

In a similar way, in Alma 55, even though the Nephites had caused the war that was imposed upon them. Their faithfulness in keeping the commandments of God lead them to successfully taking back their people who were prisoners of war. The Lord blessed them, because they did not drink alcohol. Therefore, they were able to feed alcohol to their enemies, and take back their people who were in bondage, without any bloodshed.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Alma 55:  Remember The Lord Always

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