Keeping Focused On What Is Most Important

Last night, I went to OCMCO rehearsal. I ended up getting there forty minutes early because I had not received the email stating that practice started at 7:30 PM, and not 7 PM. Oh well, it was meant that I should have been there. Only two more rehearsals until my final performance with OCMCO!

Before I left for rehearsal, Misty’s Visiting Teacher came over. I left them while they were watching an episode of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Yesterday, Misty’s car was inspected byour neighbor and mechanic. The ‘Service Engine Soon’ light was coming on, and the heater was not working very well. He ordered a part which needed to be replaced, according to the indicator light.

While I was there, I asked our neighbor how her reading was coming along, meaning of the Book of Mormon. She said that she was finishing up with another book first. It was an autobiography. I don’t remember who of. I guess I need to do better at remembering those things, and not be so consumed about what I am all about.

He has a lot of wood on their driveway, that needs to be stacked, and that might be a potential service project. A tree fell down, down the street. Workers cut up the tree, and they said that they would take the wood. He said that he was going to pay someone to stack the wood, but he isn’t working right now, and I have been told that money for them is a little tight. I think I can help them out, with the resources that I have available.

Something that has often happened for me, in the Church, is that I had judged someone who I had felt they had not done a very good job. I think of them, not reading the Book of Mormon. I could get frustrated at that, or I could try and understand.

Yesterday, someone spilt a bowl of vegetable soup in my car, on the way to work. I didn’t go ballistic at that, and I am thankful for how the Restored Gospel teaches me to stay calm, and to deal with the situation. I asked her what she was going to do about it; and after we got home, we applied carpet shampoo to the affected area, and we tried our best to clean up the spot.

At work, I get distracted from the task at hand, sometimes. I am getting better at keeping focused; because I am thankful for my job, and I want to keep it, until it is time for me to decide to move on. In the same way, there are many other distractions in life; and many of these distractions are not as important as things on which attention should be focused.

I am thankful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, that teaches what is most important: God’s work and glory; which is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses 1:39). Everything I do needs to be for that purpose. Otherwise, I can get distracted. I am thankful for the time I spend writing in this journal, and studying the scriptures; because it keeps my mind focused on what seems to me to be what is most important: building Zion; and being a tool in the hand of God.

3 Nephi 2 describes what happens when people get distracted. They turn wicked. They lose what God has given to them. They get invaded by evil forces. They no longer have peace and prosperity. I pray that I can remember these things.

This is what I previously wrote after reading 3 Nephi 2:  Foolish And Vain

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