Reflections On General Conference

What a wonderful General Conference! I felt spiritually fed, and I am so happy that I was able to share it with others. Friends came over on Saturday, and family came over Sunday afternoon. And, on Sunday, between sessions, we went over to some other friend’s for scones and crepes. So, we had treats all the way around.

Between conference sessions, we took a little break. Thank God for technology, so we could start the last session after family arrived, and pause it in the middle to go outside and enjoy our backyard.

After the conference, I tried to explain how the Authority of the Priesthood needed to be restored, and that the Prophet now hold those keys. My family spends a lot of time on genealogy, and I showed them Malachi and that in D&C 110, it explains that Elijah restored the keys to seal families together.

On Monday, April 2nd, during the day, I felt humbled by how much I had been given, spiritually, by watching General Conference. I love the Lord for how much He has given to me, personally. I do not deserve what I have received. I only have been given the wonderful blessings I have received through His grace. I was spiritually fed rich doctrine, truths and principles which describe the salvation of man. I was, and still am, truly thankful. I pray that pride does not form in my heart, so that I can keep this wonderful Spirit with me.

Misty and I gave a copy of the Book of Mormon to our neighbor. We explained the First Vision, and how the golden plates were discovered; and that the Book of Mormon explains the travels of Israelites in 600 BC, that Jesus came to the people in America after His resurrection (which is supported by the Legend of Quetzalcoatl and the reception of Columbus by the Native Americans when he discovered America), and that there is a promise that the Holy Ghost will bear witness that that book is true.

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