Serving Blesses Everyone

During the day, I learned that Mitt Romney will more than likely be able to run as the Republican Party’s candidate, for the President of the United States. Rick Santorum, Mitt’s strongest challenger, suspended his campaign. Yea Mitt!

In the evening, we went to my parents’. We filed our taxes and had dinner together, something we do every year.

As I read about the temptations that befall me after I am blessed, I think of the importance of serving others; and keeping that thought in my mind. Jesus served always. The reason that this thought comes to mind, is that 3 Nephi 6 explains how after the people were blessed, they became proud. I think that they became proud, because they forgot to serve; and then they lost the Lord’s blessings.

This is what I previously wrote after reading 3 Nephi 6:  Do Not Fall Into Temptation

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