Singing Together: Praises To God, For His Redemption And Salvation

Last night, I practiced with the OCMCO, from 7 to 10 PM. Before that, I attended the Vocal Workshop. Next Friday is our performance. It’s going to be fun; but I do have mixed feelings about it; because I will be leaving behind this chapter in my life – turning the page to do more important things.

At the rehearsal, a friend approached me and said that he wanted to sing more together, some church music in the Barbershop style. I told him that I would like to too, after next week.

Sometimes, with singing, and when I am working in the church, I think about the many times that I yell and get passionate about my work, and I need to control my passions. I guess that I need to work on myself, before trying to change anyone else. Controlling my passions is a major task in this life: keeping focused on the task at hand; controlling my temper; remembering who I am; and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

The power of God cannot be forced. So many times, I have witnessed performances where angels were singing with us, and the Spirit manifested really, really, beautiful music. That is why I perform: so I can sing with the angels, the heavenly choir of God; and those who experience that event will keep on coming, again, and again, because they feel the Spirit too.

The last time I read 3 Nephi 16 (I Look Forward To This Day), I talked about how the prophets, those who follow the will of the Lord, will sing together. They will sing with joy, for they will tell everyone that the Lord has comforted His people. The Lord will reveal Himself to all the nations of the earth, and they shall see the salvation of God. Again, I look forward to that day.

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