How The Lord Will Build His Kingdom Again On The Earth

I got woken up this morning when Misty let Lucy in. Lucy came upstairs and started meowing. I went back to sleep, a little; but then Misty came back to bed, and I decided to wake up, for a little bit, and get some things done.

Yesterday, we did some things around the house. We ran out of eggs, so we went over to Del Taco and bought egg burritos, hash browns, and orange juice, all for about $5. Then, we went next door to Stater Brothers and converted $16.03 worth of coins into a JC Penneys gift certificate, and then we bought a few groceries, especially for Curly; and we did buy some eggs.

We went and got haircuts. We are now going to The Sports Barber, which at the corner of Alicia and Trabuco. They do a good job. The business is run by Vietnamese people. They are very gentle, and they charge reasonable prices. My haircut cost $12, and Misty’s cost $24. We feel pleased with the services we received.

After that, we went to JC Penneys, where I bought new tennis shoes. I just replaced the ones with the exact make and model I was already wearing; because the cushion had worn out of the old ones, which was causing the varicose vein in my left shin to throb.

I am really glad that we did that, because then we spent a lot of time standing at Costco, while we shopped for a few things, and looked at what they had to offer. We bought a new American flag, which is appropriate because Memorial Day is tomorrow. After sharing a Caesar’s Salad at Costco, we came home and put up that American flag; and I finally realized how big it is. I think it’s kind of ostentatious, but Misty likes it, so I guess we’re going to keep it.

After that, we came home and made some phone calls. While Misty got her nails done, I got caught up on my emails; and then we were spontaneously invited over to friend’s, to watch some movies. We brought over and shared “Turner and Hootch”, which we had just purchased at Target; and we brought over some bottles of Perrier, and a big container of Costco’s Pub Mix.  After watching the movie, they shared the videos from one of the ‘Preach My Gospel’ DVDs put out by the Church. During our visit, we enjoyed talking during the movies. We watched a little of them, but we enjoyed talking too.

So, it’s not like we just watch the videos, and don’t talk to each other. We do a lot of sharing, and it makes for a very nice time together. So, the movies are a kind of entertainment, but they don’t take over the evening; which is really nice, because many times, movies or watching a show tends to quieten us down, and then we lose our creativity, and become passive receivers of information, and are not creative agents of change.

And so, we had a very productive day yesterday, and it was fun too! And, we ended it by talking about building the kingdom of God. Furthermore, to put a nice cap on the evening, while we were watching the ‘Preach My Gospel’ DVD, the missionaries came over for a half hour.

Now, it is interesting that during my scripture reading, that I am just now in Ether 13, where it talks about how this land will be a New Jerusalem. For, it says that:

“. . . after the waters had receded from off the face of this land it became a choice land above all other lands, a chosen land of the Lord; wherefore the Lord would have that all men should serve him who dwell upon the face thereof;

And that it was the place of the New Jerusalem, which should come down out of heaven, and the holy sanctuary of the Lord.” (Ether 13: 2-3)

The Jerusalem of old will “be built again, a holy city unto the Lord; wherefore, it could not be a new Jerusalem for it had been in a time of old; but it should be built up again, and become a holy city of the Lord; and it should be built unto the house of Israel –

And that a New Jerusalem should be built up upon this land, unto the remnant of the seed of Joseph, for which things there has been a type.

For as Joseph brought his father down into the land of Egypt, even so he died there; where, the brought a remnant of the seed of Joseph out of the land of Jerusalem, that he might be merciful unto the seed of Joseph that they should perish not, even as he was merciful unto the father of Joseph that he should perish not.

Wherefore, the remnant of the house of Joseph shall be built upon this land; and it shall be a land of their inheritance; and they shall build up a holy city unto the Lord, like unto the Jerusalem of old; and they shall no more be confounded, until the end come when the earth shall pass away.

And there shall be a new heaven and a new earth; and they shall be like unto the old save the old have passed away, and all things have become new.

And then cometh the New Jerusalem; and blessed are they who dwell therein, for it is they whose garments are white through the blood of the Lame; and they are they who are numbered among the remnant of the seed of Joseph, who were of the house of Israel.

And then also cometh the Jerusalem of old; and the inhabitants thereof, blessed are they, for they have been washed in the blood of the Lamb; and they are they who were scattered and gathered in from the four quarters of the earth, and from the north countries, and are partakers of the fulfilling of the covenant which God made with their father, Abraham.

And when these things come, bringeth to pass the scripture which saith, there are they who were first, who shall be last; and there are they who were last, who shall be first.” (Ether 13: 5-12)

And so, this is the plan of the Lord, to build His Kingdom on the earth; and I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it, in this very holy day and time, and existence.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Ether 13:  Are We Killing The Poor?

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