His Work Will Go On!

Happy Mother’s Day! Yesterday evening, we went to a party to thank our former Bishop, who was recently released, for his years of service. I helped Misty roundup the people so she could take pictures of them. It was neat to visit with members of the ward. It was also interesting that not many members of the Elders Quorum were there. Do they feel appreciated?

After that, we came home and watched “13 Days”, which is about the Cuban Missile Crisis. What an amazing event. There were a lot of smart people who made sure that we did not have to go to war, at that time; but then there was the Vietnam War, and there have been wars since then. Oh, I hate war!

I need to remember not to eat salty food or chocolate before I go to bed, because they both keep me up and I can’t sleep. I was up past midnight!

The work of the Lord will go on:

“And he that shall breathe out wrath and strifes against the work of the Lord, and against the covenant people of the Lord who are the house of Israel, and shall say: We will destroy the work of the Lord, and the Lord will not remember his covenant which he hath made unto the house of Israel – the same is danger to be hewn down and cast into the fire;

For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall roll on, until all his promises shall be fulfilled.

Search the prophecies of Isaiah. Behold, I cannot write them. Yea, behold I say unto you, that those saints who have one before me, who have possessed this land, shall cry, yea, even from the dust will they cry unto the Lord; and as the Lord liveth he will remember the covenant which he hath made with them.

And he knoweth their prayers, that they were in behalf of their brethren. And he knoweth their faith, for in his name could they remove mountains; and in his name could they cause the earth to shake; and by the power of his word did they cause prisons to tumble to the earth; yea, even the fiery furnace could not harm them, neither wild beasts nor poisonous serpents, because of the power of his word.

And behold, their prayers were also in behalf of him that the Lord should suffer to bring these things forth.” (Mormon 8: 21-25)

And, ‘these things’, which is mentioned in the last verse, refers to the restoration of those promises made to our ancestors, so that His work will go on!

This is what I previously wrote after reading Mormon 8:  Light And Truth Have Come Forth

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