This Land Is Blessed By The Lord

In the morning, I fed Lucy, our cat, some cooked chicken. She ate it right up. Later, I learned that cooked chicken is not the most nutritious for cats, because the taurine is cooked out of it, which is an essential nutrient for cats. I am thankful for how such information is readily available over the Internet.

In the evening, I went out and visited with some friends.

I am thankful for this land in which I live. It is beautiful. It has been blessed by the Lord:

“And thus the Lord did pour out his blessings upon this land, which was choice above all other lands; and he commanded that whoso should possess the land should possess it unto the Lord, or they should be destroyed when they were ripened in iniquity; for upon such, saith the Lord: I will pour out the fullness of my wrath.” (Ether 9: 20)

So, I have consecrated my home, the land that the Lord has given me, unto the Lord. I use it to fulfill His purposes, for building the Kingdom of God. I invite people into my home, to share my abundance, which comes from the Lord. I share avocados, pears, oranges, roses, my time, and my love, with all who will receive it; and I bring these blessings to other’s homes too, that they may witness how we are blessed by the Lord.

For, why should I say that these blessings are mine to keep? That would be being ‘ripened in iniquity’; and then I would feel His wrath, as the above scripture declares.

This is what I previously wrote after reading Ether 9:  Religion In Our Schools

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