An Update

We spent the day cleaning up around the house, clearing out some of our closets. I have cold weather clothes that I wore in Michigan that someone else can use, and lots of yellow socks that I will never wear. I kept a few of pairs of cold weather socks for when I go up to the snow. I also started clearing out some of the computer parts that I have. A friend of ours is out of work and likes building computers, so I’m going to give them to him. I also have eight or more eye glass frames that I can donate to Sears Optical or Lens Crafters, so they can be used by the needy. Then, we went to the store to buy Misty some pants. She has shrunk from a size 16 to a size 8, and is continuing to lose weight. My weight is going down too. Although, I have plenty of clothes that I can ‘shrink in to’. We had fun playing the radio and having music in the background while we ‘worked’.

I am going to perform in church on August 19th. I am singing a solo. The song is ‘How Great Thou Art’. I like going to three hours of church. The first hour is a worship service. It’s a time to remember the Savior, and what He has done for us. During the second hour, we learn gospel doctrine. We study the scriptures. It’s a classroom-like environment. Finally, during the third hour, we learn how to apply that doctrine in our daily lives. We divide into groups: of men; women; and those who are 18 and under divide into age groups. That way, we can better relate with our peers, and have more relevant discussions.

I have told lots of people about our excursion to the Grand Canyon, and our side trip. I shared our pictures with everyone at work. I took out some shots for various reasons. We have a lot of pictures! I just shared the folder full of pictures that was on my computer over the network, so they could be viewed by everyone else.

I gave the cat carrier that I bought for Lucy to our friend. He also has had an outdoor cat that he bought from a shelter for $50. This cat is not as pretty as Lucy. He looks like he has some Siamese in him, and he is very affectionate. They didn’t have a carrier, and if Lucy does return, we can share the carrier between us. I think that Lucy is probably owned by a family now, and is indoors. Although, my friend does say that he has had cats come back after going on an excursion for weeks and months. He also has had a cat been taken in by neighbors, and never returned. Some people say that they have seen coyotes near their homes, but I have not seen any, nor heard any, near our neck of the woods. So, there are lots of possibilities of what could have happened to her. I am only concerned that she might be in a shelter, so I receive a daily email from a search database of the local shelters (Mission Viejo, Irvine, and Orange County).

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