Continuing On My Spiritual Path

It was a very spiritual day at church. This week has been very spiritual, more specifically. I have been reminding myself to remember the Lord always, in all that I do, just like it says in the Sacrament Prayer; and I have been blessed with Spiritual Promptings. I have been prompted to say the right things; and when I did not say the right things, I know that I had not remembered the Lord at those times.

After I finished reading the Book of Mormon, I have taken a break from writing in our blog each day. I had reaped many blessings from writing. I had gained a greater understanding of scriptural passages, and a deeper appreciation of the scriptures in general. Although, I needed to go on to other things. It was taking me more than an hour each day to read the scriptures and write in my journal, and I do need to get on to other things. I have other things that I need to accomplish, and I feel that I have sufficiently obtained that much of the scriptures, and I need to address other areas of my ministry.

I have been looking more into my genealogy. Last week, I purchased a few Death Certificates that I didn’t have before. I also have been emailing more those who have emailed me. I have also looked into how I can better magnify my calling as the Second Counselor in the Elders Quorum.

In other words, I am corresponding more. So much studying was taking me away from the opportunity to correspond with others. I had hoped that writing my impressions would have inspired some discussion, but it just didn’t happen. Also, probably, the only people who did read my posts were probably already LDS, so I did not feel like I was sharing much new with those who had not had exposure to the Church. Therefore, I need to move on to other avenues, to build the Kingdom of God.

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