A Wonderful Day At The OC Fair!

We took my niece to the Orange County Fair. It was a lot of fun to see everything. There is just so much to see! My knee was still a little swollen but it didn’t hurt. The brace was so tight that it hurt more with it on than with it off. I was walking much better. As a matter of fact, I spent the whole day walking without a limp. We arrived at a little before 10 AM, and were met by my sister, so we could take advantage of the $2 admission fee. My sister’s friend joined us just after 11 AM.

Thank God for cell phones so we could all do what we wanted to do. I walked all over the fair and tried to see as much as I could. There is so much variety, and fun and interesting things to see. We started off with the livestock and saw the goats and the Clydesdales. We stopped for a little bit and watched the Small Livestock Junior Showmanship of the chickens. We walked through all of the exhibit halls. I kind of went at my own pace, which is pretty fast, because I want to see it all. I go faster than most, and I like to spend my individual time browsing through what is offered. We all ate lunch together, and that was all we really did together. My sister and niece left at about 2:30 PM, and their friend had already split up from them by that time.

The Visual Arts displays were of most interest to us because of the photography. We attended three hour-long lectures put on by Watts Digital Imaging on using Photoshop to enhance photos. We met the owner and his wife and talked with him for bit. It was neat to share our faith each other. They are both very personable, and I learned a lot about Photoshop that I didn’t know.

Before attending these sessions, I really didn’t know very much at all about Photoshop. I still really haven’t opened the program, but I know that I could learn how to use it very quickly; because that’s what I do, I learn computer software programs very quickly. I teach myself how to use the program, and I become an expert on my own.

I also enjoyed the other artwork on display. There was a lot of creativity, and attention to the detail, especially in the woodworking section.

After attending the last session that ended at 9 AM, we were just about to go home; but we stopped to watch a Pink Floyd Tribute Band, Which One’s Pink? It was pretty cool. Misty and I really enjoyed holding each other while we swayed to the music. It made for a very nice ending to a wonderful day at the fair.

At 10:30 PM, after 12 and a half hours at the Orange County Fair, on the way out, we bought some of the Orange County Fair’s famous cinnamon rolls to-go, and ate them on the way home, and finished them when we got home while we watched, and then fell asleep watching, an episode of Remington Steele.

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