I Recommend This Auto Mechanic: Foothill Auto Service

On another note, I am impressed by our new mechanic, Glenn Larsen at Foothill Auto Service. Car repair services are expensive, and it is nice to have a service provider who will go the extra mile to maintain customer loyalty.

It all started when the Service Engine Soon light lit up on our 2002 Saturn SL2. Last week, after one of our rehearsals, I asked a friend who he uses to service his vehicles. He gave Glenn a glowing review, saying that he only fixes that which needs to be fixed, and doesn’t try to upsell you. My friend also feels safe sending his wife over to Glenn, feeling confident that Glenn won’t try to take advantage of her lack of knowledge about cars, like some mechanics do.

So, I called up Foothill Auto Service, and a guy named Peter answered the phone. I explained the problem and he said that they could take care of my car the next day. Now that was pretty unusual for a small shop, in my experience; because usually I have had to wait for repairs before. He also said that he could drive me to work after dropping off my car in the morning.

The next day, I dropped off my car. I met Glenn and Peter who were both very personable. Peter drove me to work. Glenn later called and said that the computer in my car needed to be reflashed of a fix for one of the sensors, the knock sensor, which was too sensitive. The flash fixed this problem.

After work, Misty picked me up and drove me over to pick up the car, because it was done. Glenn told me that the car needed to be driven before getting smog tested, because the computer had not run all of its tests yet. While I was driving home, the Service Engine Soon light came back on. Even though the shop had closed, I left a message on their phone indicating what was happening.

The following morning, I received a message on my work phone for me to call them, which I did. The following day, I dropped off my car. They replaced an auto check valve and an exhaust gasket, and I picked up my car again.

The following day, after I had driven to work, I found that my power door locks didn’t work. So, I called up the shop and we agreed upon a day for me to drop off the car. They thought that the computer needed to be relearned, and would do that for no extra cost; because they should have done that before. So, I dropped off the car.

When Glenn called me at work to pick up the car, he told me that the problem was not with the computer. The problem was that a wire to the regulator for my locks had been sheared off by the passenger door window. That had found that at least one fuse had burnt out because of a short in the electrical system. They went through a couple of fuses, found out the problem, and rewired the passenger door.

They did not charge me for these services. They figured this was my third time there, and they wanted to keep me as a customer. It has been a long time since I have been treated so well by a mechanic; and I too would recommend their services.

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