Knee Has More Flexibility

I found that I just had a mild sprain and nothing else. My calf was also stiff. After the Doctor’s Appointment, due to the doctor manipulating my leg, I had much more flexibility. She gave me a knee brace and some Naprosyn. I put the knee brace on in the evening. The sprain might have also been caused by my Plantar Fasciitis, so I bought a pair of Super Feet sole inserts.

The nurse was a little alarmed when my pulse was only 49 beats per minute, but I told her that that was normal for me. As a matter of fact, I told her that my pulse has gotten all the way down to 44. It’s because I used to meditate.

After work, we met with sister and niece for dinner at the El Torito next to The Block in Orange. My niece spent the night with us. We watched some TV together.

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