The Importance Of The Temple In My Life

How important is the temple to me? It is so important that I recite most of the temple ordinances daily, most of the times multiple times during the day. For eight years, Misty and I served as Ordinance Workers in the temple. We served almost every Saturday from August 2000 to August 2005 in the San Diego LDS Temple; and then almost every Saturday from August 2005 to August 2008 in the Newport Beach LDS Temple. As a result of our service, I was able to memorize most of the temple ordinances. So, four years ago, we asked to be released from serving as Ordinance Workers, just as I explained three days ago, and to this day, I treasure that time I spent in the House of the Lord.

As a result of spending so much time in His House, I have learned, and I am continuing to learn, how to make my own home like His, and to behave the way that He would behave. That’s what service in the temple did for me, and continues to do for me. It helps me to purify my life, so that I may be able to be forgiven for my sins, so that I may possibly be able to live and be in His presence forever. Even now, I only can have His presence first of all as I repent of my sins, and secondly, through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Temple Ordinances remind me of that fact.

So, in conclusion, all of these things about the temple, the ordinances, His House, the covenants I make with the Lord – all of them – remind me of the Savior; and they help me so that I might possibly be able to be in His presence, now and forever.

I bear testimony of these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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