Our 14th Anniversary Weekend

So I know Dan already pretty much covered our day but here is my version of the day.

Photos to come ……..

Today Dan and I started our day a little early by Dan getting up and doing things that was on his mind and I noticed he was up so I got up.  I was able to do a few things for school before the afternoon.  At about 11:45 am I started getting ready for the day and the photo-shoot at the San Diego temple.  (Dan and I had decided a couple of months ago to get photos done at the San Diego Temple since when we got married there we didn’t get any photos of us at the temple in our nice outfits).  Then after I had my nice outfit on I went and got my nails done at ‘Happy Nails’ in Mission Viejo.  At Happy Nails there was a lot of women there getting either both pedicures and manicures or facials.  This was my 2nd time coming here and I will come again when I want to get my nails done.  When I got home Dan and I did a few last minute things before leaving.  We finally got on the road at around 1:30 pm and had to stop off at Costco in Laguna Niguel off of Crown Valley.  We actually entered the 5 freeway going south to San Diego almost right at 2 pm.  Just before getting on the freeway we got a text from our good friend Vicki Wiseman who will took our photos with my Canon camera.  So as Dan and I traveled to San Diego we got to talk about things that were on both of our minds.  Traffic seemed to be working in our favor and as we started entering the San Diego Temple parking lot Dan asked me what time it was and it was 3 pm.  3 pm is the arranged time to meet Vicki at the Temple and as we drove up to the first parking area by the entrance of the temple we saw our good friend Vicki.  So after getting our props out of the car Dan and I just started getting our photos taken by our friend Vicki.  It was very surprising of the fact that almost all of the temple grounds where photos are taken was quite empty.  We spent about 1 hour and ½ getting our photos taken.  After that we thanked our good friend Vicki profusely.  Dan and I decided to go get dinner at Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant and it was quite yummy.  We really did want to take Vicki with us to dinner for all her efforts today but she works in the temple on Saturday night, hopefully we can take her out another time.  But at Chevy’s Dan had some Salmon tacos with rice and beans on the side.  I had lots of water and a virgin pina colada and a cheese enchilada with rice and beans on the side.  Our waiter was very nice to us and noticed we were both dressed up and we said we had just gotten photos done for our 14th Anniversary.  Later Dan asked for the check and our waiter said he had some special planned for us.  Soon after the waiter came out with a 2 serving fried tortilla bowl that had cinnamon on it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and some chocolate syrup.  This desert is something that we did not anticipate or order.  He also brought us each a Chevy’s Mexican hat for us to wear.  I was getting a little nervous about the fact that these hats might have been used by others so I took mine off after a bit.  Later when the waiter came back he explained that the hats are for us to take with us as long as we wore them in and out of the restaurant.  Also we were told by our waiter that the desert was charged on our bill but then taken off so essentially it was free.  After paying our bill and finishing our desert we decided to get back on the road.  We walked out of Chevy’s in a very happy mood and got on the road again.  As we drove home we talked a little more and listened to the ending of Angel’s game as they lost to Kansas City Royals in the 9th Inning by way of back to back home runs off of Angels Closer Ernesto Frieri.  So when we got home we cleaned out the car of everything we brought with us and put them all away and of course we fed our 3 pounder guinea pig Curly.  Once we did that we finished our date night by watching ‘White Collar’ episode on Hulu and found that it started having homosexual relationship really strong throughout the episode and we decided after this episode was over we would discontinue watching it at all.  We have watched other shows that have characters that are homosexual but it doesn’t take over the whole episode or series with those values.  I am not saying this to offend anyone, it’s just I don’t want to watch it since my values are different than that.  We then watched ‘Hancock’ and while we watched it I was working on my drawing for my art class that needed to be in 2 point perspective.  This was such a great day and it just was meant to be that we today happened like it did.  I must say I am just so very blessed and 14 years has gone so very, very fast.  Happy 14th Anniversary Babe!  Now onto the beginning of our 15th.

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