We Celebrated Our 14th Anniversary!

What a wonderful day! We relaxed in the morning. Misty did some school work, and I played on the computer.

By about 1:30 PM, we had gotten all dressed up to take pictures at the San Diego LDS Temple. Misty wore her white suit, and a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. I was in the black tuxedo that I wore when I performed with OCMCO, with a blue striped tie.

Just as we were getting on the freeway, we received a text message from our friend, who was going to do the photographing, that the 5 freeway down in San Diego was wall-to-wall cars. We called her back and left a voice mail about our status, and that we would get there when we can.

Actually, the traffic was very cooperative, and we got down there at exactly the arranged time: 3:00 PM. On the way down, we had had time to talk about things that were going in our lives, and to share our thoughts. It was like old times, when we had made this trip so very often, for five early years of our marriage. Furthermore, we found a parking spot right in front of the temple. Just as we were driving in, Vicki was walking right in front of us. The Lord was really making things easy for us. The weather was great, which was unusual. It was cooler in San Diego than it was in Mission Viejo, which is unusual, because usually the weather is warmer as you go down South.

We were very relaxed during the photo shoot. Our friend used our camera, and she said she had a lot of fun with it. (We had worked in the temple with Vicki.) We had the whole grass area, and the prime picture-taking areas, to ourselves. There were no brides around to be seen, which we thought was very unusual. It was perfect, because we had free reign to be wherever we wanted, without any competition. This made for some very nice photographic experiences.

Our friend was great. She was very creative, and she kept things light, and told me when my smile seemed ‘plastered on’. She works on the Saturday evening shift, which starts at 4:30 PM, which gave her enough time to take a little more than 500 photographs. The photos were taken in RAW format, and she filled 2 8GB SD cards and one 4 GB SD card. We had a lot of fun, and we hope to be able to use Vicki next year, when we do the same thing for our 15th anniversary. By then, Misty plans to be able to fit into her wedding dress, and I will rent a white tuxedo.

After profusely thanking our friend for her efforts, Misty and I went out to eat at Chevy’s, in Del Mar. I remember all the times that I went to Chevy’s before, when I was in the Laguna Niguel Second Singles Ward, and we would go down for Ward Temple Nights, and Bishop Townsend would pay for all of our dinners. He was so thoughtful. So, this place had some nice memories.

Our waiter, David, was very attentive. Our meal was wonderful. It got to have some salmon fish tacos, and Misty had cheese enchiladas. We were really thirsty, and Misty drank lots of water, and then her favorite, a virgin Pina Colada. I had a virgin Watermelon Margarita, and a lot of water. After our meal, I asked for our bill, and David said that he had something for us, since it was our anniversary. He surprised us with some ice cream in a little fried tortilla bowl, with some whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It was very good. We had thought that we were not going to order dessert, and that would get frozen yogurt from Yogurt Land, when we got near home; but now we didn’t need to do that. We were very full, physically and spiritually.

So, we left for home. Again, the traffic was much better than expected. Saturday evening traffic from the South can be a bear, but we sailed on through, and arrived home in very good time. We had Family Scripture Study.

Then we watched an episode of White Collar episode, which was really the only disappointment of the whole day; because the liberal media is trying to force down our throats how normal it is to have a homosexual relationship. I don’t mind seeing homosexual characters in the media, but I don’t think that those relationships are the norm. God created us for the purpose of having heterosexual relationships, and He commanded us to find a partner of the opposite sex. That is the norm. There are current shows that we watch which treat homosexual behavior with decency and respect (like Reba and Last Man Standing), but they don’t condone this type of behavior; which is a choice. So, we will never watch that White Collar, or any other show with those same values, again.

Actually, having that experience, on the evening that we are celebrating our 14th heterosexual anniversary was probably very appropriate; because it gives me a chance to appreciate my relationship with my wife, my dear sweetheart, Misty. I love her so much. We had so much fun taking pictures. I had a lot of fun taking every opportunity to enjoy kissing her throughout the photo shoot. She looked so pretty. I know that our relationship is condone by God, because I know what He has said about being married, as Man and Wife. Pleasing God, my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, is the most important motivation in my life, and that is what I should do: please God in all that I do.

I know that, for the most part, society supports our relationship. We don’t have to fight about benefits for domestic partnerships; although, I don’t think that the government should be able to limit those resources. I feel that there will always be judges who will need to decide how to fairly make government resources available to all people, depending on the choices that they make.

My dear sweetheart is so supportive, and she tries hard to do the right things. She has such a nice, sweet, spirit, and I truly enjoy being her eternal companion. 14 years ago, we were married, by God’s Authorized Servant, for time and all eternity, not ‘til death do you part’; because God wants marriage to be that way. Although, I can only make this covenant effective by doing my part. I have to be faithful and loyal to God and to Misty for the rest of my life. I confess that I have been unfaithful, and not so loyal in my heart in the past; but I also know that I can, and have, changed my behavior.

Furthermore, it is because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that I can be forgiven for my sins, if I truly depart, and repent, of them. In other words, I must never do them again; which is difficult; because it is difficult to unlearn old habits, but I know that I can; and I know that the Lord has forgiven me before, because I have felt His witness, the Holy Ghost, which only comes to a sinner like me through the cleansing power of the Atonement, because God does not dwell in unholy sepulchers. Therefore, I know that God wants me to be true and faithful to my marriage, which is second in importance in my life only to my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So, as I return to our splendid day together, as we celebrated our 14 years of marital bliss, we then watched ‘Hancock’. As we watched this movie, Misty drew a little, for her homework assignment. She is drawing using two-point perspective, and I showed her how she could incorporate a drawing of the San Diego LDS Temple in her drawing. You see, we have a photograph of the San Diego LDS Temple that we keep in our bedroom, and it just so happens that that photograph is photographed using exactly that: two-point perspective! What a coincidence, or better yet, just as the Lord had planned, like everything else in this wonderful day, in which we celebrated our 14th Anniversary together.

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