An Update On Our Plans

Misty still was not feeling good enough to go to church. She still was in a lot of pain. We stayed home and rested. We watched the October 2012 Relief General Session.

What a time this has been! Misty’s pain has been constant. Most of the time better than worse. She is enduring it well. She is such a gentle spirit. I appreciate her so much. It pains me to see her go through so much, but such is life.

I am thankful that she is my eternal companion. She is so dear. To me, she is a gentle as a deer. I enjoy being with her, most of the time, when I am not being selfish and prideful, and losing my temper. I tell her that sometimes I am like a bull in a china shop. Our home is the china shop, and I need to protect it more, so that the Spirit resides here.

This evening, while Misty is resting, I have some time to record my thoughts. I have been very busy. I was busy even before the accident, because I wanted Misty to do well in school. So I was doing most of the chores around the house. I kept telling her that she is my retirement, so I want her to do well, so I can have a good retirement, which will happen when I can no longer work. These days, there is no such thing as a pension. We have our 401(k)s, which up to recently were really 101(k)s, because we had lost a lot of money in them.

We have ambitious plans, for Misty to attend Saddleback and complete her lower division classes, so she can be accepted into Long Beach State. She also has been attending Paralegal classes at Coastline, so she can get a nice raise at McGonigle & Hunsaker. After completing her lower division classes at Saddleback, we plan for her to go to Long Beach State and get a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, with an option in Photography. After getting her Bachelor’s Degree, we plan for her to apply for Law School, probably at Western State University, so she can be a lawyer.

All of this education is going to cost a lot of money. Long Beach State Tuition is $6,000 per year, and Western State University is $20,000 per semester. The whole program is about $110,000. Right now, we can see that the balances in our budget are going to go down, so we probably will have to take out a loan, eventually. We are trying to save up to prolong this from happening.

This is the last year that we are going to have Annual Passes at Disneyland. It’s been fun, but it is also quite expensive. They have been costing us about $900 a year, plus the expenses incurred for eating at the park. Fortunately, until then, we have about $90 in gift cards, so we can go there a few more times before our passes expire.

I have also looked at how often we have been going out to eat, in general, which needs to be curtailed. We have been spending about $45 a week, which is quite a surprise. We just didn’t realize the spending that we have been doing. Thank God for Quicken which can show us where we have been spending our money.

Now, as a result of having this accident, we are down to one car. Misty and I have been talking about what we are going to do. Early this morning, at about 4:30 AM, I woke up and did some research on being a One Car Family. I wanted to see the pros and cons, to see if it is a worthwhile effort to pursue. I did find a few reputable resources, like, that said that we can save a considerable amount of money by just having one car. There are the costs of registration, insurance, maintenance, and repairs, just to start with. It is inconvenient, especially since we have been used to having two cars ever since just after we got married. This morning, Misty reminded me that when we got married, we only had one car. Misty would drive me to school. It is kind of ironic, or fitting, that we are thinking about going back to being a One Car Family again so that we can better afford for Misty to go to school.

I so much want her to do well in school. It is also kind of a nice thing to happen that we don’t have the car as the result of an accident. Now, since Misty was not at fault – although the other driver’s insurance company (State Farm) has not determined who was at fault yet – hopefully, we will get a good sum of money for the car, much better than we would have received if we had sold the car on our own. Plus, we will get some money for the medical costs. Although, I would not have wished that Misty would have gone through the pain that she is currently experiencing; but, in a cold-hearted sort of way, the medical expense reimbursement will also probably help pay for school. Still, I wish she didn’t have to go through such trauma. That is so very unfortunate, to see the one whom I love to go through so much agony. I could not imagine what she is experiencing.

I have had a few really bad car accidents, especially the one that occurred in the Summer of 1983, when I rolled my friend’s car in New Mexico. We were on vacation, driving from Lubbock, Texas, to Las Vegas. The road got too slippery for how fast I was going, which was about 70-75 miles per hour, and when the road curved, the car slipped right off the road. Aaron flew out the front window and landed 30 feet away, because he wasn’t wearing a seat belt. I just got a knock in the head. We all went to the hospital. My friend’s parents came to Albuquerque and were furious. That’s the last time I saw him.

We were coming from Lubbock because I had been accepted at Texas Tech University, starting in the Fall of 1983. After I arrived, I failed miserably out of school. I was going through physical therapy as a result of the accident, and had the extra-curricular of joining a Barbershop Chorus. I really was not a very good student, and I didn’t realize what it took to be a good student.

I learned my lesson the next year, when I went to Central Michigan University; but now, I have the opportunity to help Misty do well in school, so she does not make the same mistakes that I made when I was in school. She has so much more going for her, than I did when I was going to school. I keep telling her that. She’s married. She’s older and more mature. She has the gospel. She has someone who loves her very much, with whom she lives and has a true, and dedicated, interest in her success. It’s just that this little hiccup was not planned, but as I always say, it is all according to the Lord’s Plan. We just need to make the best of it, and follow His guidance in order to succeed.

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