How Must The Martyrs Have Felt?

At work, I felt a little like the martyrs must have felt. I have felt the witness that the Restored Gospel is true, and I cannot deny it.

A couple of guys were talking about their beliefs. I was asked about the Apostles Creed. I explained that we don’t believe in that, because Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came down to Joseph Smith; and the Father and the Holy Ghost were there when Jesus was baptized, as two examples. They disputed against what I said. They were in agreement with each other. One of them also disputed the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, stating it was added scripture.

All I can say is that Joseph Smith and others saw what they saw, and who can dispute that? Joseph saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Furthermore, on two different occasions, eleven witnesses saw an angel who showed them the Golden Plates.

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